Visitors to sustainable living fair learned how to live for a cleaner world

Citizens of Columbia, Missouri, and surrounding areas flowed through the county courthouse all day on Oct. 17 to see what the 2015 Sustainable Living Fair was all about. Co-sponsored by the City of Columbia Office of Sustainability, the fair provided visitors an opportunity to learn about living for a cleaner world. Held in Columbia’s City Hall, the fair offered on-site workshops, off-site tours, a keynote speaker, and multiple educational booths. From the child’s crafting area to mini excursions throughout the day, the Office of Sustainability worked to get people of all ages involved. Anyone passionate or even curious about the progress of sustainable living in Columbia could go to the free event and learn how people from around the city are working in both education and action for a cleaner environment and one that will maintain the highest possible quality of living for years to come. Watch to hear more from both representatives from the booths and the Sustainability Manager of Columbia.

> Multimedia by: Mikaela O’Barr