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Week of April 30

annette jenkins

Flunking out: giving students a second chance can result in a brighter future

by Annette Jenkins, posted May 4, 2012
The statistics are dramatic: nearly 50 percent of all college students do not end up graduating from the college in which they first enroll (
Three students from the same town experienced unexpected educational situations. One flunked out, one made a new academic path, and one continued on to the work force. Here they share their stories.


CAFNR grads make the leap into the professional world

by Annette Jenkins, posted May 4, 2012
As graduation approaches, many CAFNR seniors will move forward and accept their first jobs outside college. With the unemployment rate hovering close to 9 percent since 2008, some students are wary about finding a job after graduation.

Emalee Browning

A 'northern exposure' should provide ample photo possibilities for Alaska-bound intern

by Emalee Browning, posted April 30, 2012
Imagine spending the whole summer in Alaska gaining valuable work experience. Kile Brewer will be doing just that. Brewer is a junior at MU studying science and agricultural journalism.

Maggie Hardwick

Treating soil like dirt can lead to downfall of civilization according to Albrecht lecturer

by Maggie Hardwick, posted April 30, 2012
The fall of the Egyptian and the Roman Empires happened for the exact same reason: soil. Although many historians would disagree, this is the argument David R. Montgomery presented on April 24 at the Reynolds Alumni Center.


Panel addresses topic of horse slaughter

by Maggie Hardwick, posted April 30, 2012
Horse slaughter isn’t something that comes up in conversation at the average American’s dinner table. However, this is an important issue to many people within the agriculture industry and to the people who are educated on the subject and feel strongly about it.

Amy Zuroweste, Corner Post reporter.

Students complete a year of sustainable living at unconventional house

by Amy Zuroweste, posted April 30, 2012
Sustain Mizzou is an organization run by MU students to promote a sustainable way of life at MU through education, cooperation and local action regarding the environment. And one of their latest projects is the MU Sustainahouse.

Emalee Browning

Wheelchair B-ball team at MU is one of only seven collegiate teams in the world

by Emalee Browning, posted April 30, 2012
In the late 1990s, then-State Representative Chuck Graham lobbied the Missouri legislature to raise funding for a collegiate wheelchair basketball team at the University of Missouri. By 2001, funding for the program was established, and the team’s first season, with only five players, was in 2005-2006. 

Maggie Hardwick

Corner Post editorial —
Do campus meal plans make it difficult to avoid the 'Mizzou 22'?

by Maggie Hardwick, posted April 30, 2012
Many people joke that the first year of college students gain what is called the “Freshman 15.” This refers to the extra weight students often gain due to diet changes that come with living away from home. At Mizzou, the joke is upped to “Mizzou 22,” and there is evidence weight gain is higher at Mizzou than most colleges.

Maggie Hardwick Shannon Yokley, Corner Post reporter.



Students tour local farms using sustainable agriculture practices

by Maggie Hardwick and Shannon Yokley, posted April 30, 2012
An important and growing sector of the agriculture system uses farming practices defined as sustainble. Many people don't realize how many sustainable farming operations surround them. There is also some confusion among the general public about what it takes to be classified as a "sustainable" farm. This video highlightes some sustainable agriculture practices and showcases three sustainable farms around the Columbia, Mo., area.

Emalee Browning

CAFNR student prepares to run for nation's top office ... in 2032

by Emalee Browning, posted April 30, 2012
David Shively is a sophomore at the University of Missouri with an ambitious goal — to become the president of the United States of America. He grew up in Monroe County, a rural area in northeast Missouri. Shively is dual majoring in agricultural economics with an emphasis in public policy and agricultural systems management, with a minor in political science.


Week of April 23

Katie Admire

Corner Post editorial
Campus smoking ban should be enforced

by Katie Admire, posted April 25, 2012
"Effective July 1, 2011 smoking is permitted only in designated outdoor areas.”
As I’m sure you are all aware, we are well past July 1, 2011. So why is it that just about every day, I get stuck walking to class behind someone who blows their cigarette smoke back into my face? I highly doubt that walking down the sidewalk is a “designated outdoor area.”

Maggie Hardwick

Corner Post Profile —
Flick, the Fabulous Freshman

by Maggie Hardwick, posted April 25, 2012
People often joke that college students can have only two out of three things in college: a social life, sleep or good grades. While this is true for many college students, it is far from true for MU freshman, Kaitlin Flick.


Corner Post Editorial
Put that in the recyling bin!

by Maggie Hardwick, posted April 25, 2012
It is difficult to deny that there have been some significant changes in the weather patterns in the past few years. Many people would call it global warming, while others simply detest that phrase. Whatever you decide to call it, just know that you have played a part to create it.

Katie Admire

Modern agriculture gets endorsement from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

by Katie Admire, posted April 24, 2012
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation spent $2 billion in the past five years combatting hunger in Africa and Asia. A large portion of that money was spent on improving agricultural productivity both domestically and internationally.

Amy Zuroweste, Corner Post reporter.

MU Bike Share Program will provide easy access to two-wheeled transportation

by Amy Zuroweste, posted April 24, 2012
Students will have free access to bikes beginning in the 2012 fall semester. Because MU strives to create the best environment for its students, changes and improvements are always being made. One of these changes, is the addition of the MU Bike Share Program.


Week of April 16

annette jenkins

A Corner Post essay —
An introduction to life down on the farm

by Annette Jenkins, posted April 18, 2012
It’s no secret to my circle of swim team friends that I am from a small town. They’ll taunt me in a ridiculously fake Southern accent: “Hey Annette, how’s thangs goin’ down-air on th’ farm?” We joke a lot and it always makes me laugh. But I’m proud of where I come from. It came as no surprise that I was excited when I got the chance to show my city friends around my hometown. I live in their world.


CAFNR outstanding students honored at 13th annual Celebration of Excellence

by Annette Jenkins, posted April 18, 2012
As the school year comes to a close, CAFNR celebrates student accomplishments. This year, freshman Kaitlin Flick, sophomore Matt Eisenbath, and junior Kari Weis were received the CAFNR Outstanding Student Awards at the 13th Annual Celebration of Excellence on Thursday, April 12, 2012. CAFNR advisers, professors, and or student organizations were able to nominate outstanding students for the honor. The award is given to students who demonstrate leadership and involvement in CAFNR activities.


Week of April 9

Amy Zuroweste, Corner Post reporter.

Corner Post editorial —
Dorm doors make a big difference in residence hall experience

by Amy Zuroweste, posted April 10, 2012
As the end of the school year looms near, many freshmen reflect on their first year at the MU campus. They begin to think about how their lives have changed after exposure to new people, dorm life, challenging classes and the responsibility of living away from home. Many things affect a freshman’s first year at college, and I found that something as small as types of doors in dorms makes a big difference.


Week of March 26

Lackluster performance ends Tiger basketball season on a low note

by Katlyn Britt-Rankin, posted March 27, 2012
Many students at Mizzou filled out brackets with high expectations for their Missouri Tigers in the March Madness tournament. March Madness is the NCAA men’s national basketball tournament. Mizzou students hoped for their first Final Four appearance in school history. However, hopes of success were left unfulfilled as Mizzou fell to Norfolk state in the second round of the tournament.


Food Sense Special Edition, week of March 19

Over the weekend of March 16 to 18, the MU Life Sciences Symposium: Food Sense was held on the MU campus. The event brought internationally known writers, food scienctists, nutritionists, sensory experts and chefs together for a lively weekend of lectures and discussions. Writers for CAFNR Corner Post were there to cover the events, which focused on food, how we interact with it and how our "food sense" is shaped.

annette jenkins

The complicated history of our relationship with meals and sharing food with others

by Annette Jenkins, posted March 23, 2012
Professor William Ian Miller, honorary professor of history at the University of St. Andrews, does not consider himself a “food studies scholar,” as many have claimed. But the author of eight books, including The Anatomy of Disgust and, most recently, Losing It, does believe that “Eating is one thing – meals are another.”

Keynote lecture focuses on gaining control of mindless eating

by Katlyn Britt-Rankin, posted March 21, 2012
Brian Wansink helped develop the MyPyramid illustration used to help people visualize the USDA dietary guidelines. But, accoring to Wansink, even with that type of easily understood guidance, Americans continue to eat without thinking.

Amy Zuroweste, Corner Post reporter.

MU Extension nutrition specialists work to bring common [food] sense to Missourians

by Amy Zuroweste, posted March 21, 2012 Food Sense keynote speaker, Brian Wansink, discussed the prevalence of mindless eating and obesity in the U.S. He said we make hundreds of decisions every day about food, and most of them cannot be explained. Nutrition specialists at MU are working to help Missourians become more mindful about what they are eating and to become more aware of their level of physical activity.

Maggie Hardwick

Expected food incoming! The psychology of eating according to Paul Breslin

by Maggie Hardwick, posted March 20, 2012
If you anticipate that the food you are eating is full of nutrients, your body will digest it better. If you eat something extremely bitter, your body will believe it is a toxin and you will become nauseous.

Emalee Browning

Panelists field questions on variety of topics

by Emalee Browning, posted March 20, 2012
Grapples were the talk of the town at the food panel during the Food Sense Symposium. Grapples are apples that are dipped in a sugary grape flavoring to make them taste like Kool-Aid so kids will want to eat them. The main theme of the food panel was eating healthy, eating locally and getting future generations to enjoy eating this way and not enjoy eating things like Grapples.

Corner Post writer Breanne Brammer.

Confessions of a self-hating foodie; noted food critic tells all to a packed house

by Breanne Brammer, posted March 20, 2012
Todd Kliman offered the MU campus and Columbia community food for thought at the annual Life Sciences and Society Program Symposium. Kliman’s lecture made the audience question their typical food beliefs and habits.

Shannon Yokley, Corner Post reporter.

Jonathan Justus describes dining as art

by Shannon Yokley, posted March 20, 2012
Experts in nutrition and food science came together over the weekend for the Eighth Annual Life Sciences and Society Symposium, this year featuring “Food Sense.” During the event, an array of speakers, chefs and culinary artists shared their knowledge of food and what it means to your senses.

Katie Admire

Food Sense features authors, researchers, food critics at Symposium March 16-18

by Katie Admire, posted March 16, 2012
This weekend, the MU Life Sciences and Society Program, along with several other organizations, will be hosting the eighth annual Life Sciences and Society Symposium. This year’s theme is “Food Sense,” and will feature speakers from various parts of food research and testing industry. The event takes place on MU’s campus March 16 to March 18.

Week of March 12, 2012

Katie Admire

Alternative spring breaks let students relax and do good at the same time

by Katie Admire, posted March 16, 2012
Whether you’re planning on hitting the beach with friends or venturing home to see family, you’ve probably noticed that spring break is quickly approaching. Many students at Mizzou have chosen a different approach to spring break this year.

Shannon Yokley, Corner Post reporter.

Summer weather predicted to be hot, dry

by Shanon Yokley, posted March 16, 2012
The small talk that will accompany your morning coffee this spring is something to listen to, especially if you are a Missouri farmer. The normal conversation about the inconsistent Missouri weather is enough to catch your attention, but the 2012 summer weather will turn a few more heads.


Mary Hendrickson brings passion for sustainability to classroom

by Shannon Yokley, posted March 16, 2012
Growing up in the small town of Shickley, Neb., Mary Hendrickson always understood the importance of a rural lifestyle. Shickley only has a population of approximately 350 people, but that never stopped Hendrickson from dreaming big.


Conference highlights increasing presence of women in production agriculture

by Shannon Yokley, posted March 16, 2012
A fun-filled and exciting day was planned for the Women in Agriculture regional conference held Friday, March 9, at the Martin Community Center in Marshall, Mo. More than 250 women from all over central Missouri attended the conference.

Amy Zuroweste, Corner Post reporter.

MU Health Center offers a variety of assistance for students

by Amy Zuroweste, posted March 16, 2012
Life at MU can become quite hectic when students are flooded with exams, meetings, interviews, and of course, spring break preparations. Luckily, the Student Health Center has added many services to help students balance their college lives while preventing illness and disease.


Hospitality, service and entertainment Career Fair attracts big businesses

by Amy Zuroweste, posted March 16, 2012
CAFNR Career Services and the MU Athletic Department hosted the second annual Hospitality, Service and Entertainment Career Fair on Wednesday, March 7, in the Reynolds Alumni Center. A total of 44 companies attended the fair, and 10 companies offered interviews on March 8 to find potential employees.

Shannon Yokley, Corner Post reporter.

Corner Post editorial —
You aren't complete without your daily meat

by Shannon Yokley, posted March 16, 2012
As our country transitions toward health-conscious consumerism, I can’t help but to stop and think about my own diet in regards to lean meats. My family raises registered Angus cattle and I had lean meats with almost every meal my family prepared at home. But now that I am in college, it is harder to find sources of protein.

annette jenkins

Backpacks to Briefcases seminar prepares students for professional world

photo and story by Annette Jenkins, posted March 16, 2012
The Mizzou Meeting Planners Association and the Mizzou Business Club teamed up Wednesday, Feb. 22, with CAFNR Career Advisors Kara Ebe and Stephanie Chipman and Associate Athletics Director Kim Lambert to present a professional development workshop for athletes and CAFNR students.

Michael Egnew, former MU tight end, showcases talents at NFL combine

by Katlyn Britt-Rankin, posted March 16, 2012
Michael Egnew, former tight end for the Missouri Tigers football team, showcased his skills at the NFL scouting combine. The combine was held Feb. 22-28 in Indianapolis at Lucas Oil Stadium. Egnew and 300 other top prospects preformed at the combine in hopes to be selected to play in the NFL.

Corner Post writer Breanne Brammer.

Zoo[logical] trivia night to benefit Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center

by Breanne Brammer, posted March 13, 2012
Do you know camels have three eyelids to protect themselves from blowing sand? Do you know that roosters will not crow if they don’t fully extend their neck? Or that it takes forty minutes to hard-boil an ostrich egg? If you consider yourself an animal whiz, or even just a trivia junkie, don’t miss out on the Zoo[logical] Trivia Night!


Week of March 5, 2012

Emalee Browning

Employers likely to find your digital dirt

by Emalee Browning, posted March 7, 2012
Students have been encouraged to clean up their Facebook profiles for several years now. Some employers will not hire potential employees because of information found on their Facebook page. However, digital dirt is not the only thing employers can find.

Shannon Yokley, Corner Post reporter.

Local chocolate maker shares his love

by Shannon Yokley, posted March 7, 2012
“When you mention chocolate, no one is ever unhappy,” said Alan Patric McClure, of Patric Chocolates. McClure is a local Columbia business owner who has a passion for making, eating and sharing chocolate.

Corner Post writer Breanne Brammer.

The 'MAbA Impact' stretches beyond conference into brighter futures

by Breanne Brammer, posted March 7, 2012
“People know you are chosen because you are the best of the best,” said Tony Anderson, coordinator of the Missouri Agribusiness Academy tour. “Being in the Missouri Agribusiness Academy sets you apart because it’s not an easy process and is a competitive selection.”


Week of Feb. 27, 2012

Amy Zuroweste, Corner Post reporter.

Corner Post Profile
A peek into the life and times of MSA President Xavier Billingsley

by Amy Zuroweste, posted March 2, 2012
Last fall, debates, flyers, buttons, campaigning and voting consumed the MU campus. After months of campaigning, the new MSA President was announced on Thursday, Nov. 10, in the MU Student Center. Xavier Billingsley, a junior studying sports management, took office as MSA President on February 3, 2012.

Corner Post writer Breanne Brammer.

Corner Post Commentary
Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow travel to Texas for national conference

by Breanne Brammer, posted March 2, 2012
The MU Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow was recently represented at the ACT Professional Development Conference in Lubbock, Texas. Five MU delegates attended the national event: Jessica England, Sarah Woodhurst, Carah Hart, Kari Weis and Breanne Brammer. The conference was held February 23-25 at Texas Tech University.

annette jenkins

2012 Grand Prix full of gold, and a diamond

by Annette Jenkins, posted March 2, 2012
The Mizzou Aquatic Center housed swimmers, coaches, and supporters from all over the world February 10-12. The Mizzou Student Recreation Complex hosted the Grand Prix for the sixth time this year.

Maggie Hardwick

Winter farmers market brightens up the season with local produce and goods

by Maggie Hardwick, posted March 2, 2012
When people think about grocery shopping, they might not envision a live band playing in the middle of the store while customers browse through aisles of food, or homemade pies being sold next to tomatoes and scarves. But you can find all of these things and more while shopping at the Columbia Winter Farmers Market.

Katie Admire

Missouri legislators propose changes to public school teacher tenure system

by Katie Admire, posted March 2, 2012
In 2012, some Missouri legislators promise to change a foundation of the public school system: tenure standards for public school employees. The debate currently centers on proposals to eliminate tenure altogether.

Shannon Yokley, Corner Post reporter.

CAFNR Unlimited provides alums chance to support MU and current students

by Shannon Yokley, posted March 2, 2012
One of the college’s premier fundraising events — CAFNR Unlimited — was held Feb. 11. More than 650 students, scholarship recipients, alumni and CAFNR supporters were in attendance.


Week of Feb. 20, 2012

amy zuroweste

STRIPES volunteers provide safe rides home for hundreds of students

by Amy Zuroweste, posted Feb. 18, 2012
Late at night on the weekends you may spot cars and SUVs buzzing around campus sporting bright orange caps with the word STRIPES on them. Those vehicles are providing rides to MU students in Columbia free of charge. STRIPES, however, is more than just a free taxi service for MU students.

annette jenkins

Corner Post commentary —
Don't worry, Truman, even Will Ferrell has butter fingers

by Annette Jenkins, posted Feb. 18, 2012
No one knew that on the day of the 2011 Advocare V100 Independence Bowl, our own lovable Truman the Tiger would lose his grasp of the crystal vase trophy and send it crashing to the floor, mere hours before the game. Like any prepared professional, Independence Bowl spokesman Patrick Meehan had a local jeweler rush in another crystal vase in time to present to the winners of the game. The Missouri Tigers were in fact the recipients of the replacement trophy.

Week of Feb. 6, 2012

Maggie Hardwick

Lovely love day fun

by Maggie Hardwick, posted Feb. 10, 2012
Valentine’s Day usually means scrambling for spare change under the sofa cushions to buy your sweetheart a rose. However, if you’re an MU student, there’s no need to fear Valentine’s Day! Here’s a list of plenty of activities on campus that are cheap or free

Corner Post writer Breanne Brammer.

Love is in the air at Tiger Gardens

by Breanne Brammer, posted Feb. 10, 2012
“Should I go for Daisies or Roses?”
“Does she like red or pink?”
If you are in doubt as to what to get your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, look no further than Tiger Gardens.


Mizzou student Aaron Kerr selected as Missouri Farm Bureau Ambassador

by Breanne Brammer, posted Feb. 10, 2012
Mizzou, agriculture and Farm Bureau are all traditions in the Kerr family. Every four years, since 2004, a Kerr family member has been selected as a Farm Bureau ambassador. Farm Bureau is a “family thing” with the Kerr’s.

Alpha Gamma Rho Classic a success

by Katlyn Britt-Rankin, posted Feb. 10, 2012
The 18th Annual Alpha Gamma Rho Classic opened up the Missouri livestock showing season Saturday, Feb. 4 and Sunday, Feb.5. Alpha Gamma Rho is known for the tradition of showing heifers and steers on Super Bowl Sunday.  But the Super Bowl didn’t affect participation; the Classic had more than 300 exhibitors from 14 different states.

Katie Admire

Mentors in SNR give keys to success in the natural resources world, or any world

by Katie Admire, posted Feb. 10, 2012
The School of Natural Resources’ Alumni Board hosted its third annual “Chillin’ With Mentors” event on Thursday, Jan. 26. The event featured a panel of 18 professionals from various natural resource-based careers in an informal setting. The board opened the floor to natural resources students to ask panel members about their educational backgrounds, current careers, as well as seek advice on various subjects.

Maggie Hardwick

Two weeks in paradise combined intense field reporting with a little fun and games

by Maggie Hardwick, posted Feb. 10, 2012
A group of eight students reported on environmental issues in the developing world as they traveled through Costa Rica over the winter intersession.
“I had a wonderful time in Costa Rica and a big part of that was due to the people that went on the trip,” said Cidney King, a broadcast journalism senior. “All of us have very different personalities, but that's what made the trip unforgettable.”

Judging team warms up to new season

by Shannon Yokley, posted Feb. 6, 2012
With a new year comes a new season. A new livestock judging season, that is. Nine students on the MU Livestock Judging Team recently traveled to Denver for the National Western Stock Show. On Jan. 12, five of these students had the chance to use their judging abilities to represent MU.

Missouri Farm Bureau announces
Thank-a-Farmer week, Feb. 5 - 11

by Katlyn Britt-Rankin, posted Feb. 6, 2012
Missouri Farm Bureau is taking a moment to thank farmers across the state this month. The 113 county organizations are urging people everywhere to 'Thank-a-Farmer' and those involved in agriculture this week starting Sunday, Feb. 5. The commemoration reminds everyone of the contributions and sacrifices farmers make daily.

Corner Post writer Breanne Brammer.

Newly crowned Missouri Beef Queen is ready to be advocate for industry

by Breanne Brammer, posted Feb. 6, 2012
“Agriculture is more than just a farm and more than just animals. It is a way of life and the foundation for our life,” said Sonja Gjerde, the recently crowned Missouri Beef Queen. “I want people to understand that because of what our industry is facing now.”


Annual Unlimited Banquet and Auction unites college to support students

by Breanne Brammer, posted Feb. 6, 2012
The Unlimited Banquet is a longstanding CAFNR tradition. Over the years, it has raised more than $450,000 in scholarships to enhance CAFNR student experiences.

CAFNR Student Ambassador program provides opportunity to get involved

by Amy Zuroweste, posted Feb. 6, 2012
As a new semester comes around, the door for new possibilities is wide open. New classes, teachers, syllabi, clubs and experiences are everywhere. College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources students looking for a new way to get involved on campus, can apply to be a CAFNR Ambassador.

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