Quidditch team makes fantasy game a reality

The Mizzou Quidditch team has 15 members with two captains: head captain, Brett Smith, and chaser captain, David Norwald.

Instead of flying on broomsticks, as in the Harry Potter books, the Quidditch team runs around on pieces of PVC pipe, and they try to throw balls through goals that are set up at each end of the field. There are chasers, who pass the ball and score points, and beaters, who throw balls at the other team’s players. There are also keepers who guard the goals, and one seeker on each team whose goal is to catch the snitch.

The MU team formed last year. They play in regionals as well as the World Cup. The team is also part of a larger association called the IQA (International Quidditch Association). To contact the group, search them on Facebook.

Multimedia project produced by:
Payton Kinnison and Kylee May