A look inside Les Bourgeois

In 1976 Dr. Bourgeois bought property in Rocheport, Missouri. By 1982, he started to grow grapes and by 1985, he started to make wine. Within the first season, they quickly sold out of their wine. Located roughly 25 miles from the University of Missouri campus, 31 years later, Les Bourgeois is booming. Their wines such as Riverboat Red and White, Pink Fox, and Concord are favorites to local wine enthusiasts. The property, right off Interstate 70, hosts hundreds of guests from around the world each year at their gift shop, bistro, a-frame, or for private events. The winery is a popular venue that can hold up to four weddings on busy spring, summer, and fall weekends.

On a beautiful October Friday, afternoon the a-frame overlooking the Missouri River was bursting with laughter and patrons enjoying the beautiful scenery and wine, a small wedding ceremony taking place just below the bistro, customers eating a late lunch, and a few ladies sampling the selection of wines at the gift shop.

The winery also partners with its local community and other agriculturists to promote agro-tourism and collaboration. Cory Bomgaars, vice president of winery operations for the property gives a more detailed insight on the history of the property and the current property features. To this day, the Bourgeois family stays involved with the daily operations alongside the staff that keeps the property running.

> Video by Emma Fordyce and Samantha Coulson