Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival brings town together

Thousands gathered in the fertile Missouri River bottom Oct. 11 and 12 in celebration of the 13th annual Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival. This two-day long event brought in record crowds of more than 50,000 to Hartsburg, Mo.

The streets of Hartsburg were lined with nearly 180 vendors. Everything from crafts to baked goods was available for purchase, providing something for all ages. As the self-proclaimed “Missouri’s Pumpkin Patch,” visitors were given the opportunity to pick their own pumpkin as well as to walk through the festival’s corn maze.

The festival is a fundraiser for Hartsburg, population 103, and brings the entire community together to prepare for the event.

For more information, please visit: hartsburgpumpkinfest.com.

Multimedia project produced by:
Betty Thomas and Allison Wepler