Meet Tori Lock


Tori Lock

My name is Victoria Lock, coaches call me Lock, and most people just call me Tori. I am a freshman majoring in science and agriculture journalism at the University of Missouri. Carrollton, a small town in northwest Missouri, is the place that I call home. I have an older brother and two younger sisters. Between the four of us, we are always keeping our house pretty interesting and our parents on their toes. From day one, my brother and I have always been competing for just about whatever can be battled for.

I can thank him, because without that extreme competitiveness, I would have never gotten as involved as I did in sports. With every season that rolled around, I found myself on a court or field of some sort, training and competing as hard as I could. When I wasn’t busy with sports, I’d still stay busy with whatever was on ESPN, keeping myself updated with the latest news in the athletic world.

I decided to channel some of my competitive energy into the National FFA Organization by competing in Agriscience competitions on the state and national level. It is through FFA that I discovered my true passion in life, agriculture. I can remember from an early age hauling cattle and baling hay. At that time, I viewed the cattle industry as too much hard work, so I decided that I didn’t want much to do with it. But once I took a step back, I realized agriculture is in my blood, it creates a bond among my family, and makes me who I am today. After that, there was no way that I could pursue any other field of work.

In the future, I would like to move to a city like Chicago or St. Louis and work in the public relations department for an agriculture advertisement firm.

I am beyond excited to be writing for the Corner Post this spring as well as starting my career as a journalist!

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