Meet Sydney Hoffman

Sydney Hoffman

Sydney Hoffman

Hey, my name is Sydney Hoffman, and I am from a small town called Archie, Missouri. My love of agriculture was handed down to me by my dad who grew up on a farm in northern Missouri — unlike my mom, who is a Kansas City native. I am currently a freshman majoring in science and agricultural journalism. I have shown Simmental and Simmental Foundation cattle, beginning at a young age, through 4-H and recently in FFA. I attended Harrisonville High School, where I was involved in FFA, National Honor Society, DECA, Yearbook (as editor-in-chief), and the wrestling team (as manger). I also had a part-time job at a local vet clinic while maintaining above a 4.0 GPA and working with my cattle. Let’s just say I was really busy.

In small towns, almost everyone is connected to agriculture in some way. My family and I own a small farm outside city limits where we primarily own Simmental and Sim-cross cattle. My love for cattle has come from many generations of ranchers and showmen, and that is extremely rare in today’s age.

As a 10-year member of the Cass County 4-H program and four-year member of the Cass Career Center FFA program, I have gained valuable life lessons including: confidence, public speaking skills, and a respect for hard work. These organizations have allowed me to try new things that allowed me to find a passion in photography. Being able to communicate through pictures is powerful, and I hope I can make a career out of that someday.

I have been a Tiger Fan since I was kid. Watching the football games on the television was always my favorite part of the weekend, especially if it was against Kansas *yuck.*


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