Meet Sophia Lamb

Sophia Lamb

Preserving our environment and natural resources is more than just a topic of discussion to me, it is a necessity. I am living on this earth and feel it is my duty to keep it in the healthiest, most sustained way possible. My passion for this subject has influenced me so much, I decided to make it into a career. I am a freshman at Mizzou and I am currently an undeclared major. My goal is to eventually become a veterinarian, and also obtain a degree in the environmental sciences area.

My main goal is to help create a safe environment and effectively use our natural resources. In my hometown of St. Louis I volunteered with Brightside, cleaning up litter and weeds, starting community gardens and sorting recyclables. I also volunteered with other non-profit organizations, and fostered cats on the side. This gave me the opportunity to learn and help more with sustaining our environment. Even if it is through articles, my main goal is to inspire people so that they want to bring change into the world, too.

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