Meet Sarah Goellner

Sarah Goellner

Sarah Goellner

My name is Sarah Goellner, and I am currently a science and ag journalism major at the University of Missouri. I received my associate degree from Moberly Area Community College before transferring to MU. I grew up in Palmyra, Missouri, with an older sister, Rebecca.

Agriculture has deep roots in my family. My uncles’ and cousins’ farms surrounded my home, and I was always included in the daily activities. I was deeply involved 4-H and FFA throughout my childhood. I have always had an interest in writing and journalism. I knew from a young age that journalism was the right profession for me to follow. Being able to combine agriculture with journalism for my college career and major is important to me.

After graduation, I hope to be able to communicate and market the field of agriculture to a large audience. I am excited to work for Corner Post because it will give me the experience that I need to pursue my future career. I will also be able to expand my portfolio for potential jobs and internship opportunities.

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