Meet Ryan Hanrahan

My name is Ryan Hanrahan and I am a sophomore science and agricultural journalism major with an interest in conservation sciences. As a first-time writer for CAFNR Corner Post, I am excited to have the opportunity to cover issues of importance in and around Columbia.

Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, and Dallas, Texas, did not grant me much experience in the agriculture industry, but instead allowed me to explore one of my other passions: travel. Living near large cities and easily accessible airports gave me the opportunity to go to many exciting places throughout the world. Through this travel, I discovered the beauty of America’s own national parks. Spending time in some of the most beautiful parts of nature that America and the world have to offer made me realize the importance of conserving these areas and the Earth as a whole. Through my work, I hope to be able to give a voice to those parts of Earth throughout the world that cannot fight to defend themselves.

Outside of the classroom, I invest a good chunk of time into my fraternity, Zeta Beta Tau, where I am serving as Operations Director for the 2017 school year. I also enjoy exploring the parks around the Columbia area and Missouri as a whole. I hope to one day write for National Geographic magazine and be able to travel the world finding stories that deserve to be told.  

I am excited to be able to find and share interesting stories with you throughout this semester. I hope to inspire you to realize Earth and the land that it holds are worth fighting for and conserving.

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