Meet Payton Kinnison

Payton Kinnison has a usual spot — a long, comfortable sun chair poised right in the middle of her family farm — here, surrounded by her soybean and hay fields, she forms her own little world. Here is where her favorite type of learning happens, the transfer of stories as old as time from paper to head. Kinnison is a self-proclaimed “bookworm” and has been one for a long back as she can remember.

Kinnison has taken that love of reading and turned it into a love of editing. In high school she read over friends’ manuscripts for novels and gave them advice and critique. She worked on her high school yearbook, combing through the pages for mistakes. She also participated in top clubs like Future Teachers of America, Future Business Leaders of America and Spanish club.

When Kinnison graduated from her high school in Bethany, Mo., she knew exactly where she wanted to pursue her next adventure, after coming to visit her older sister in Columbia, Mo., many times and having taken a liking to the city. Currently she is a freshman majoring in science and agricultural journalism at the University of Missouri. Ultimately, Kinnison hopes to work for a publishing company and maybe even become a copy-editor someday. She said, for her, there is nothing more irritating than reading through an exciting article online, or a juicy page in a book, and finding “affect” instead of “effect” or a “their” miscalculation. She hopes to combat some of those heinous little grammar crimes in her professional future.

Until then though, one can find her in her dorm room or out by the columns, enjoying a good book, trying her best to overlook any mistakes, and letting her mind be swept away by the circling characters and romantic plot lines.

Even without Kinnison’s spot, she’s home — here with her book.

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