Meet Olivia DeSmit

Olivia Desmit

Olivia DeSmit

Hi! My name is Olivia DeSmit, and I am a junior double majoring in animal science and science and agricultural journalism at Mizzou. I am considering following a route to become an editor or writer for a farm or scientific journal/magazine. I have lived in Columbia, Missouri, most of my life. I was homeschooled up until attending Rock Bridge High School, where I was involved in the local FFA chapter and graduated in May of 2014.

The main reason I began my college career in animal science was because I raised dairy goats for several years during high school. I had a small herd of does that I had bred every year and sold their milk and products (like cheese, soap, etc.) to local families around Columbia. I recently decided to also pursue a degree in journalism after several literature and writing classes led me to recognize my love for writing and editing.

While these degrees are seemingly unrelated, I believe that I will have a unique skill set and education that will prepare me for a career in science journalism.

Last semester I was a volunteer tutor through A Way with Words and Numbers, as well as an active member of Mizzou Pre-Vet Club and Mizzou Wishmakers Club, which I am continuing through this semester as well.

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