Meet Morgan Niezing

Morgan Niezing

Morgan Niezing

My name is Morgan Niezing. Iā€™m from Wildwood, Missouri, which is a suburb located southwest of St. Louis. Back home, I live with my parents, younger sisters Mallory and Jordan, and a boxer named Nala. I am currently a sophomore and am double majoring in animal science and in science and agricultural journalism.

My love for science has been there for as long as I can remember. From researching different animals to attending marine and field biology camps to pursuing an eventual degree in veterinary science, my drive to succeed in the science field has never faltered.

A passion for writing has similarly always been a part of me. It began with a vivid imagination and later developed into scribbling down short stories and then progressed into winning writing contests while in high school. I hope to someday write a full novel or possibly a series of novels. Though my interest in writing has largely been in the area of creative writing up until now, it may translate smoothly into a drive to write pieces of journalism.

I began my time at Mizzou pursuing a degree in animal science, with an emphasis in pre-veterinary science, but have since decided to more fully explore other possible opportunities. Though I have not yet settled on whether I will continue to pursue veterinary school or a degree in science and agricultural journalism, I know that my love of writing and the natural world will never leave me.

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