Meet Morgan Gamble

The College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources has a variety of students and an array of majors to choose from.  Freshman Morgan Gamble chose to attend the University of Missouri and take advantage of the science and agricultural journalism program.

“The reason I chose Mizzou is because it’s far away from my hometown in Chicago and it really gave me the opportunity to feel independent,” Gamble said. “I also chose Mizzou because of the big school atmosphere.”

A high school graduate from a class of more than 400 students, Gamble was involved. She was part of her high school dance team and participated in public service practicum.

Raised north of Chicago in a suburb called Grayslake, Gamble said her proximity to Chicago sparked an interest in environmental science. After Gamble enrolled in an environmental science class during high school, she was drawn to the field. While at MU, her focus within the science and agricultural journalism program will be environmental science.

“I really enjoy environmental science considering I live so close to Chicago and there are so many problems with air quality,” Gamble said. “I am also really interested in natural disasters.”

Gamble’s goal is to work in public relations and communications. Ideally, she would like to work for a company that deals with environmental sciences, specifically natural disasters. A friendly and outgoing girl, Gamble knows what she wants in a future career.

“I want to get a job relating to public relations, working with a company,” Gamble said. “I really want to do something social.”

Profile by fellow Corner Post staff writer: Cassie Lenzenhuber

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