Meet Mikaela O’Barr

Mikaela O'Barr

Mikaela O’Barr

Hola! My name is Mikaela O’Barr, and I am (for the time-being) a science and agricultural journalism major. I grew up a bit differently from those who have a specific place to call home, as I fall into the category of kids who moved too often to do so.

With my father in the military, I have seen firsthand some of the vast differences in practices between cities, states — even countries — in efforts to sustain the environment to preserve the resources for us all.

Though my freshman status explains my meager college extracurricular resume, I was an avid athlete, band nerd, and honor student throughout high school. When I am not hitting the books I am often watching documentaries, enjoying the MizzouRec, eating, or playing music — sometimes all at once. If none of the above apply, then I am (most likely) sleeping through my alarm.

Whether it be meeting new and interesting people, or attending social events across campus, my brief time at MIZZOU has provided me intellectual stimulus and broad and interesting interactions.

I have yet to decide what it is that I will do with my life, but find that the most immediate questions are often more important. As long as I make a fair enough income to keep off the streets for a while, I will consider myself lucky.

While I hope you enjoy and appreciate the happenings of our little world in the work I present, I also hope that this medium may provide stimulus for the least interested to take a stand in matters pertaining to environmental conservation, sustainable practices, and alternative energy in our world. After all, we’ve got one — and won’t wait until it’s gone to decide I want it back.

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