Meet Michi Carroll

Michi Carroll

Michi Carroll

Hello everyone! My name is Michiru Carroll, and I’m excited to say this is my first time writing for Corner Post. I am a freshman at the university, and I major in science and agricultural journalism. I grew up in the Chicagoland area, so I don’t have much experience with production agriculture. However, I always knew, even as a child, that I wanted to travel. I’ve thought through many career paths — you name it, I’ve considered it.

I ultimately decided to go into food and wine journalism because I love everything about food. From how it is produced, to how it is cooked, to whatever else it goes through to end up on our plates and in our stomachs. My mother, who lived off the food her family grew in their backyard on the island of Okinawa, would always tell me bits and pieces of her knowledge of viticulture, which is the study of grape cultivation. It has always captivated me, and going into this program of study could also serve as the gateway for me to travel as a part of my career.

I first came to Mizzou as an animal science major wanting to study veterinary medicine. After a few weeks of classes, I quickly realized that studying the reproductive patterns of dairy cattle versus beef cattle was simply not my style. So, my interest led me right here into the science and agricultural journalism program, especially the food and wine track. I hope to gain as many skills and as much experience as I can acquire here at Mizzou, so that by the time I graduate I’ll be well prepared.

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