Meet Megan Tyminski

Megan  Tyminski

Megan Tyminski

My name is Megan Tyminski. I’m from a smaller suburb of Chicago called Oswego, which is near Aurora, Illinois, where the famous Wayne’s World was filmed. I’m a freshman studying Science and Agricultural Journalism at the University of Missouri; I also plan to minor in Spanish. It is my goal to one day be doing some kind of fieldwork. I have always been passionate about communicating through writing, exploring nature, and meeting new people.

My family, especially my grandfather, has been influential in my upbringing – taking me to forest preserves and outdoor adventures of all kinds. As a child, my grandpa used to quiz me on the scientific names for birds and plants and would take me to collect morel mushrooms in secret patches we would find while hiking in the woods.

In my free time, I am usually spending time with my friends or listening to music. I am very interested in beekeeping and honeybees in general. One day I aspire to keep some of my own. Urban agriculture is something I find intriguing. I am also involved in Sustain Mizzou and am passionate about conservation. When I have the chance, I love to rock climb and practice yoga. It is also my hope to eventually visit all of the national parks in the United States, hopefully while reporting for National Geographic.

I am looking forward to this spring semester and the upcoming new experiences. Working for Corner Post will surely help me build a portfolio and gain exposure to different kinds of reporting and news.

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