Meet Marie Fulcher

Marie Fulcher has called Columbia, Mo., her home for as long as she can remember.

“People are always saying Columbia is  so small and they want to get away, but I like it enough,” Fulcher said. “It is small enough to know a lot of people,but big enough to discover new places every day.”

In high school Fulcher was an avid runner. She ran varsity track for  two years and cross country for  one. Fulcher still  loves running and sports. In fact, she just loves anything outside.

“My senior year I just went crazy joining clubs.” Fulcher said.

During her senior year of high school Fulcher joined clubs such as the food club and  young moderates, a club for  kids who were not  republicans or democrats. Also, Fulcher took part in GIS competitions throughout her high school career, where her and a team made maps to  compete in competitions with other map makers.

Attending MU, that was  an easy choice. Her father is a professor at CAFNR, which  instilled her tiger pride early. Though, she did look at other colleges just in case she wanted to  get away. As for choosing science and agricultural journalism as a  major that was a different  story. Fulcher is not sure what her career goals are yet. She really  wants to be involved in agriculture and with CAFNR.

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