Meet Lauren Arnold


My story begins on a beautiful fall afternoon in November … What do you think of as this time of year rolls around the corner? The Thanksgiving holiday, perhaps? I would have to admit a turkey, mashed potatoes, and hot rolls meal is one that never ceases to satisfy, but in my world, there are two events that rank even before that scrumptious meal: my birthday and deer season!

My father, Mike Arnold, had always imagined himself having boys to take hunting, fishing and mudding. This didn’t happen, but fortunately, he was blessed with two daughters and raised them to be just like little boys. I was born on Nov. 9, 1995, which is the very beginning of rifle season. Every year I celebrate my birthday at “the deer cabin,” and I would not want it any other way.

My Ruger model 77, caliber .243 isn’t the only thing my dad showed me how to shoot. We also have done our fair share of “shooting” on the basketball court. Dad refused to let me wave pompons and cheer for others.,Instead, he taught me that having people cheer for me is much more exhilarating. My love for basketball started at a young age. I began playing on “little league” traveling teams and progressed in competition, as I grew older. I played on the varsity level all four years of high school for the Macon Tigerettes and loved every second. Today I play recreationally.

Although my dad sparked many interests of mine, my beautiful mother, Dina Arnold, taught me the importance of academics, how to “be a girl,” and to always follow my dreams. I am eternally grateful for her and know that without her advice and determination in helping me succeed, I would not be where I am today: attending my dream school — the University of Missouri.

I am an 18-year-old woman who loves to play sports, hunt, fish, sing, dance, write, and have fun, but at the end of the day, the most significant aspect in my life is family and friends, and I am blessed with having the very best.

Do you want to know the rest of my story? Well … stay tuned, as it is still being written ….

Part of my story will include the stories I will write for you, the audience of CAFNR Corner Post.

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