Meet KateLynn Ketsenburg

KateLynn Ketsenburg

Hello, my name is KateLynn and I am a sophomore studying science and agricultural journalism with a minor in animal science at the University of Missouri-Columbia. I was originally studying animal science pre-vet, but realized that was not the right fit for me. Since being at Mizzou, I have volunteered at the MU Equine Teaching Facility and was the co-leader of my dorm’s homecoming float committee, which won third place in our division. I have some experience related to the agriculture industry through job shadowing at my local veterinary clinic in Monroe City, Missouri, for five years. Through Corner Post, I hope to gain more experience related to my major.

The autumn season is what helped strengthen my love for agriculture. It is my favorite time of year because of the weather, Halloween, and my birthday, which is Oct. 30. When I was little my family would celebrate my birthday by having a Halloween party and a hayride at my grandparents where they had several horses they bred, including my horse, which I have had since I was three. During that time of the year, I would also help harvest the garden with my grandma, and then in middle school I started going deer hunting with my stepdad. The fall speaking contests in FFA and going to our chapter’s barn warming that I helped decorate each year, were high school activities that further increased my appreciation for the season.

I am enjoying my sophomore year at Mizzou, and I cannot wait to start writing stories for the Corner Post audience. I plan to focus my stories on my interests of animal agriculture, the veterinary industry, and CAFNR.

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