Meet Karlie Schaphorst

Living in Omaha, Neb., my entire life has really shaped my interests, particularly in writing. Omaha is the only big city in the state and is completely surrounded by farmland. As a child, I was exposed to both the rural and urban lifestyles common to the people who live there. My parents, both midwestern natives, raised me to appreciate both the outdoors and the city.

My interest in writing started early, as did my interest in the natural world. After a particularly gripping science presentation by our local meteorologist in my second grade class, I knew that my future would consist of getting up-close-and-personal with the natural phenomena. Writing was always a part of the formula, but putting the two together didn’t occur to me until my high school years. I took journalism and absolutely hated it. The topics we had to write about were too mundane and boring for me, and I always waited until the last minute to finish my articles. I thought my future career path was doomed, but AP Biology changed that, and I found a passion for writing about biology and scientific advancements. That is what I hope to do in the future.

Coming to Mizzou was always a part of the plan. Mizzou fit me like a glove, and I fell in love with every aspect of the place as soon as I set foot on the campus. Growing up, I always knew the UNL was not for me, so going out of state was actually quite easy. The journalism programs are perfectly tailored to what I wish to do in the future. After attending the University, I hope to find myself writing for a magazine with an emphasis on the biological sciences.

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