Meet Jordan McDonough

Jordan McDonough

Jordan McDonough

Hello,! My name is Jordan McDonough. I am currently entering my sophomore year at the University of Missouri, and loving every minute of it. At the University, I am studying environmental journalism.

Growing up, I was one of those kids who would be out in the sun from dusk to dawn. I loved living an active lifestyle and taking my brothers on nature walks. As I got older, the nature walks turned into hiking the state parks, and canoeing the caves of Thailand.

Come high school, I stopped playing recreational sports, and became deeply involved in the practice of yoga and meditation. The practices of my everyday life, I learned very soon, went hand-in-hand with my interest in nature. Soon I found myself reading books on how to improve the mind, body and soul.

First a lover of nature, then a “yogi,” eventually I was drawn to a vegan lifestyle.

I realized the negative effects that unnecessary chemicals have on a human body, and cut out junk food and red meat; this turned to pescetarianism, which turned into vegetarianism, which turned into veganism. For a summer I cleared my body of virtually all the preservatives I could and became a raw vegan, eating only whole foods that come from the ground.

I believe that it is possible to live a clean lifestyle, and believe that more people should be educated on it. This being said, I’m excited to be part of Corner Post, and looking forward to a great fall semester!

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