Meet Jessica Weiss

Jessica Weiss

Jessica Weiss

I love photography and all the adventures that come with getting the perfect shot. I am more proud of my Irish heritage than anything else and frequently complain that I don’t have naturally red hair; after a few months of the same hair color, I dye it because I get bored … but it always stays within the red range. Traveling is my passion, and I cannot wait until I can say I have been to every continent and more than 10 countries. Recently I have developed a new love for both meditation and rock climbing. And, I say sweetie, doll, honey, darlin’ and y’all as if I’m from the south, but I grew up in Elwood, Illinois, and pronounce my –a’s harsh like a native Midwesterner.

I decided I wanted to attend Mizzou after one visit in September of 2012. The next time I was on campus was this past June. I knew I loved Mizzou, and I could not picture myself anywhere else. I was planning on majoring in Biochemistry on the pre-med track, but after taking a step back and really thinking about what I want to do for the rest of my life, I realize I don’t know yet. I want to do, and be, so many things that it is too hard to pick just one. Currently, I am undecided within CAFNR.

As of now I’m focusing on getting to know myself more and saving money so that I can go back to Ireland. Additionally, I am developing my rock climbing skills and exploring the practice of meditation, meeting tons of great people along the way. The next four years will truly be the best of my life, and I am so grateful and ecstatic that I can spend them here at Mizzou.

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