Meet Holly Enowski

Holly Enowski

Holly Enowski

I am an Eldon, Missouri, native, best known for being “too busy” and for the circumstances of my birth – I am the only girl in a set of triplets! Born and raised on a family farm, agriculture has always been a large part of my life and growing up, that was not something that I always appreciated like I do now. Chasing big city dreams since the age of 5 has led me to pursue a degree in science and agricultural journalism, with an emphasis in international strategic communication. I am interested in international food insecurity, policy, nutrition and a whole slew of other topics.

After spending the summer interning in Africa, my passion has shifted from solely agriculture to hunger alleviation through agriculture; for now, I’m just a freshman with a lot of dreams, ambition, and a university that will help me get there. When I’m not in class, attending Kappa Alpha Theta events or working with the Christian Campus House, you will find me planning the World Food Prize Missouri Youth Institute, writing for my blog, spending time with my cats or preparing to compete for Miss Missouri. My childhood dream was to be a journalist or a legislator and it looks like I could be headed in that direction! I don’t know where I’m going after I complete my undergraduate degree, but I’m going! I’m ready to see where God leads me.

I am excited to share my passions, interests, and more with you this semester! One of my favorite journalistic quotes is “either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” and folks, I hope I can do one of the two during my time as a writer for CAFNR Corner Post.

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