Meet Hli Yang

Hli Yang is a freshman at the University of Missouri. She is excited to be a science and agricultural journalism major. Yang is originally from the small town of Wheaton, Mo. There she grew up with six siblings on Yang Farms where they have a chicken operation.

Her agriculture background and FFA and public speaking involvement in high school are what drew her to the science and agricultural journalism major.

“I have always been a people person,” Yang said.

Another reason Yang was drawn to the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources program at MU was that her older sister was very involved in the CAFNR program as well.

Though Yang may seem like the typical college freshman, she has some unique hobbies. She loves to rock climb, canoe, run and roller blade. She loves baseball, and her favorite team is the Red Sox. One of her passions is public speaking, and so she wants to be involved in broadcast journalism. A fun fact about Yang is that she that she loves chocolate.

During her time at MU, Yang plans on getting more involved. Currently she is involved with the Rock Climbing Club on campus. She hopes to be active in Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow and MU TV.

Yang is excited to be writing for Corner Post because she says it will help her get more comfortable with interviewing others and improve her  writing.

Yang’s goals after college are to be involved in broadcast journalism either on television or radio while emphasizing and advocating for agriculture.

As to where she wants her career to be located, Yang said, “I am up for anything!”

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