Meet Erica Overfelt

Erica Overfelt

Erica Overfelt

I am Erica Overfelt, a freshman pursuing a science and agricultural journalism degree with a minor in international studies. I do not have a background with this particular major; however, it is something I am passionate about. I was the sports and features editor for the Red & Black Student Led Newspaper at Jefferson City High School.

I feel as if journalism is not a dying field, but instead an evolving one. America is known for its agriculture industry, and it is something that has always piqued my interest. My career goal is to be a writer for National Geographic. This magazine gives a voice to animals, people and topics that otherwise have no voice.

Journalism is not the only thing I devote my time to. Throughout high school I was part of the tennis team and played recreational basketball. Even though I never quite got my shot down and my average score a game was about 3 points, I still plan to be involved in intramurals in college. I recently pledged to Kappa Alpha Theta, in hopes of creating an environment much like student council. I plan to give back to my campus throughout my four years through service.

Looking forward, I am ecstatic to not only learn more about science and agricultural journalism, but grow as a journalist, as well. It is a great feeling being in an environment where everyone has the same aspirations and goals for this semester of learning and writing for Corner Post. I look to broaden my knowledge in not only journalism, but everyday skills you can learn by being in a collaborative work space.

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