Meet Emily Adams

My name is Emily Adams, and I am a freshman majoring in science and agricultural journalism with a focus in conservation and environmental science. As a first-time writer, I am excited to start reporting on agriculture in my hometown of Columbia, Missouri. Although I did not initially plan on pursuing a career related to the outdoors, it has become an important part of my life.

Growing up, I raised horses and sheep and participated in my local FFA chapter. After joining the chapter’s forestry team I became interested in conservation and spending time outdoors. I loved the time I got to spend outdoors and decided I wanted to work in a field where I could write and communicate stories related to environmental science and the natural world.

The idea of pursuing science and agricultural journalism was soon planted in my mind, and I went on to become the editor of my high school newspaper and now a writer for CAFNR Corner Post.
I am excited to start off my college career writing about a subject that combines my favorite subjects of writing and the natural world.

As human beings and inhabitants of the earth, I believe we all have a right to know how nature and agriculture affect our lives. I hope to someday use my experience to write stories that connect nature to the public.

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