Meet Daniel Malanga

Daniel Malanga

Daniel Malanga

Hi, my name is Daniel Malanga and I am a junior at Mizzou. I am a biology student and an Army reservist with a strong interest in journalism.

I have grown up in several different places in the United States and in Asia. After graduating from Hong Kong International School, I chose to come to Mizzou because, after receiving the college tour, I couldn’t resist its allure.

I have traveled extensively, and through living in both Thailand and Hong Kong, touring most of eastern Asia, I have come to realize that journalists are the backbone of our media around the world. The media holds the power to inform the uninformed and connect the unconnected.

I want to become part of that. My passion for writing began at a young age when I would go on vacations with my family and I would document the “wild happenings” that would occur.

However, my first step to a journalism career is this class! The second is now to write for Corner Post!

I really enjoy the outdoors and go camping at least once a month, so you can expect nature-news from me. Humor is a hallmark of my writing style. I can find humor in just about anything, and this quality will probably be apparent in my writings. Ten years from now I see myself writing for a large science journalism news outlet and traveling around the world. Despite the fact that I despise caring for most animals, I actually really enjoy their presence, and I enjoy how exotic some can be. I will try to translate this interest into future writings as well. I am very excited to be a part of this course, and I hope to locally inform and inspire through the power of the pen.

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