Meet Chase Morrison

Chase Morrison

Chase Morrison

My name is Chase Morrison, and I am a freshman at MU. I am a science and agricultural journalism major, with a strong interest in environmental sciences. I grew up in Gallatin, a small town in northwest Missouri. My grandpa owned a farm implement dealership there, where my dad works as a salesman. Because of this family business, I’ve been around agriculture since a young age and over time developed an interest in environmental sciences.

In high school, I was involved in as much as I could be in order to get a little taste of everything. I was a member of clubs, such as FBLA, NHS, Student Council and FFA, in which I was very active. I also did sports, such as football, wrestling and track. Along with all of this, growing up I spent as much time in the outdoors as I could, hunting, fishing or anything outdoorsy. I’ve traveled to the mountains of Colorado in pursuit of elk and to the Atlantic Ocean to catch sharks. It’s these experiences that have really expanded my interest in environmental sciences. However, my roots will always remain Missouri, as I plan on going back to northwest Missouri after graduation.

I have always been a Tiger fan, so MU was an obvious choice for me. However, journalism is a new interest of mine. When I first enrolled at MU, I planned on being a biology major with the hopes of becoming a wildlife biologist, however, this quickly changed. During my senior year of high school, I took a writing and composition class, and I loved it. Before summer welcome, I heard about the science and agricultural journalism program, and it sounded like the perfect fit. I look forward to writing for Corner Post, and gaining experience in the journalism world. After graduation, I plan to use my degree to write for the Department of Conservation.

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