Meet Alyssa Gregory

Alyssa Gregory

Alyssa Gregory

My name is Alyssa Gregory, and I am a sophomore science and agricultural journalism major and writing minor at the University of Missouri.

Being a military child, “home” is hard to define. My family is from southern Indiana, but I have never lived there. My parents, sister and I have made homes in five states, our most recent being in Oklahoma and our most beloved in Washington. From an early age, I learned to love travel and work with change.

As a child, my life revolved around two things: nature and writing. When I wasn’t writing stories about my cat, I was watching reruns of The Crocodile Hunter, wishing I could lead a life like Steve Irwin’s. Now my goal is to inspire young people to protect the natural world just as my hero inspired me.

After graduation, I hope to travel around the United States writing about national parks. My grandparents used to take me and my family on daytrips to nearby parks, all the while singing “The Bear Went Over the Mountain” loudly and off-key. These are some of my fondest memories, and I would give anything to recreate them. I wholeheartedly believe in the spirit of the American road trip, and I want to experience everything our parks have to offer. So far, my favorite parks are Yellowstone, Olympic and Mt. Rainier. I also plan to hike the Pacific Crest Trail and the Appalachian Trail.

As a student, I spend most of my time writing memoirs and personal essays. When I am not writing, I enjoy hiking with my friends, lounging on the quad and visiting my family (and dogs) back in Oklahoma.

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