Meet Allyson Lacy

A science and agriculture journalism major, Allyson Lacy is eager to express herself through her writing at the University of Missouri. Lacy is currently a freshman at the university and comes from a large family where is the youngest of five children. Lacy is from Winfield, Mo., and attended Troy Buchanon High School. There, she was very involved in school activities including cross country and tennis.  Lacy was very active in high school organizations, including the National Honor Society, where she demonstrated leadership. Now, Lacy is excited to get involved in collegiate activities.

Lacy feels right at home in the science and agricultural journalism department. She loves the atmosphere of being in a smaller program, but still feels connected with the larger college.  Lacy not only has the ability to express herself through her writing, but also through her communicative abilities. She is realizing how writing will help her grow and develop, not only in her career, but as a person as well.

In high school, Lacy was active in her hometown Future Farmers of America program. She engaged in public speaking and is still passionate for it today. This program taught her so much that she decided to continue studying agriculture and pursue a career in the industry.

Lacy plans to focus on strategic communications emphasis area and eventually work in public relations. With Lacy’s passion and dedication to agriculture, she is not only ready to impact the readers of CAFNR Corner Post, but also a nationwide audience.

This profile was written by fellow Corner Post staff writer: Samantha Gibson

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