Meet Allison Edwards

Allison Edwards

Hi! My name is Allison Edwards and I am a freshman at Mizzou. This year it seems like all I have done is spend my time studying during the week and enjoying family and friends on the weekends. I joined a service sorority called the Little Sisters of the Pearls and Rubies. Through that organization, I have helped out at a food bank and went canning for the Dream Factory. Other than that, I try to go to the events that Mizzou offers its students.

 I am currently an Agricultural Education and Leadership major with a focus on teacher certification. I loved all my agriculture classes in high school, and have always wanted to be a teacher, so it seems like a perfect fit. I was active in my high school FFA program and served as the Reporter my senior year. FFA has done a lot for me, and I hope to do the same for FFA by being a future adviser for FFA members.

I am from a small town in Missouri called Hermann. This town is a popular destination for those who are 21 and older because we are known for our wine. We are also known for being a German town with lots of German food and festivals. Though the town gets crowded with tourists a lot, it is still my home and I love the little place.

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