Meet Allie Ehrlich

Allie Ehrlich stays busy to say the least.  The sophomore science and agricultural journalism major extends her smarts beyond the class schedule.  She currently works at the MU College of Veterinary Medicine, where she has been a research lab assistant for the past year.  She also plans on joining Sigma Kappa, a new Greek sorority on campus.

“Between my new sorority and joining the science and agricultural journalism program, I have a lot of new things to look forward to this year,” Ehrlich said.

Joining the science and agricultural journalism program would seem only natural for Ehrlich.  She has been around journalism her entire life.  Her father, Fred Ehrlich, is an editor for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, but journalism was not Ehrlich’s path of interest. That was until she gained more information about science and agricultural journalism.

“I never thought journalism would be the track I would take in college until I found out about science journalism,” Ehrlich said.

Ehrlich plans for a future career as a small animal veterinarian.  She has an interest in research and believes that science and agricultural journalism will help her excel in attaining her future life goals.

During the holidays Ehrlich visits her family in O’Fallon, Mo.  Although she would like to see her family more often, Ehrlich remains happy spending time with them during school breaks.

In addition to spending time with her family, Ehrlich likes to sing.  She was a member of her high school choir and also did gymnastics for six years.  Although she hasn’t been involved in gymnastics since middle school, she was able to attend a couple of gymnastics meetings at MU.

Ehrlich’s focus in pre-vet and science and agricultural journalism remains her top priorities.  She looks forward to her future at MU.

This profile was written by fellow Corner Post staff writer: Matt McCormack

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