Meet Aaron Mott

Aaron Mott

Hello! My name is Aaron Mott. I am a freshman at the University of Missouri, and I am majoring in Agricultural Education and Leadership. I am from Columbia, Missouri.

Growing up, my family ran a small farm in southwest Missouri. I had the unique situation of being able to see both sides of the livestock market because of my family. On my Dad’s side, my Grandpa Mott ran the largest independent cattle slaughtering operation in Missouri. My Great Aunt runs a custom processing shop to this day. However, on my Mom’s side, my Grandpa Ridder and Uncle run a large herd of Registered Polled Hereford Cattle. Because of my family’s background I was able to see the process of raising livestock from start to finish. Agriculture has always been in my life and always will be. I am currently serving as a Missouri State FFA Vice President and will be competing at the National FFA competition in Indianapolis, Indiana, and also at the National 4-H Livestock Judging Competition in Louisville, Kentucky. I hope to continue to grow in my knowledge of producing safe and high quality food, and I hope to continue to improve my communication skills so I can successfully tell the story of agriculture.

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