From field to glass, how you ‘got milk’

by Courtney Spencer and Morgan Walkup

For many, a large glass of ice-cold milk is the best accompaniment for mealtimes, cookies and late night snacks. This video showcases the University of Missouri’s dairy research facility, the Foremost Dairy Farm. Guided by Annie Callahan, a junior Animal Science Pre-Veterinary major here at the University of Missouri, you will see the entire process of making this dairy product from start to finish. Callahan is a student assistant at the farm. Some of her jobs include milking, feeding cows, feeding calves, and anything else needed to keep the farm fully functional.

Callahan shows the entire milking process, from preparation of the cows, working the milking machinery, to the final cleanup of the cows. This dairy farm, originally owned by J.C. Penney, has a rich history with the University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources.