Author: Ryan Siegel

I grew up on a small dairy farm in central Missouri, and that is where I found my passion for agriculture. My passion continued to grow for the industry once I joined my school’s FFA Chapter. It was the informative and persuasive speeches that led me to pursue communications and education as a Supervised Agriculture Experience (SAE). When I was in high school I served as an educator for the Ag Ed on the Move Program. With this program I taught over 75 third grade students in central Missouri about the importance of the agriculture industry in their daily lives. I also managed multiple agriculture Facebook pages and found a passion and spark for mass media communications. I still have a passion for communications and education.

Focus on Africa sheds light on international scholastic research at the University of Missouri

Attendees of the Focus on Africa Event witnessed the fire, determination, and passion that two African scholars have for socioeconomic and climate issues impacting developing countries and Missouri. Tunde Ojewola opened the discussion, held on Sept. 5, 2018, in the…