Author: Rachael Love

Hey everyone! My name is Rachael Love, and I am a freshman studying Agricultural Leadership and Communications. I also plan to earn a Master of Arts in Human Development and Family Science with an emphasis in Youth Development. My goal is to be a 4-H Youth Specialist to help “make the best better” for the future generations of 4Hers. I come from the small town of Truxton, Missouri, in the east-central portion of the state between Troy and Warrenton. I grew up as a second-generation 4-Her where I developed a passion for rabbits, leadership and youth. My experiences in 4-H led me to join FFA my freshman year of high school to broaden my knowledge on the agriculture industry. I am excited to write for CAFNR Corner Post this semester to learn more about the agriculture industry!

FFA continues to inspire CAFNR student Sydnee Mason

Dedicated, inspiring, and goal-oriented are three words Sydnee Mason’s high school FFA adviser Tyler Burgin would use to describe her. “She leads by example and never asks someone to do something that she is not willing to do herself,” Burgin…