Author: McKaylee Reavis

Hey y’all! My name is McKaylee Reavis. My father’s job requires my family and me to move around frequently. I was born in Florida, but then a few months later, my family was transferred to North Carolina, which is where the rest of my family lives. After North Carolina, we moved back to Florida. Then, the summer before I entered seventh grade, we moved up to Virginia. I was able to finish high school in the same school, which had been a dream of mine since I can remember. I had to face my senior year by myself because my family was transferred to Missouri, but it was a great experience and helped prepare me for college.

That late summer buzzing of cicadas is short-lived

What is that sound? Loud, green cicada bugs recently emerged in huge numbers after living underground, completely hidden from the human eye — and ear. There are many species of cicada bugs. Most species grow and develop for 13 to…