Author: Joe Ege

My name is Joe Ege, and I want to be able to relate to you. My goal is to touch the lives of as many people as I can to promote better days through better ways. I believe the more I can relate to others, the better I can serve the world. For this reason, I like to pursue new opportunities and try as many new experiences as possible. I want to share my ambition, love, passion and career with the world. I want to teach the world about agriculture and to improve the industry. For this reason, I am attending the University of Missouri for a degree in agricultural education and leadership.

CP Editorial: Locally grown means out-of-this-world taste

As you bite into your favorite meal, you don’t want to taste anything short of delicious.  Seared vegetables cooked just right, bursting with flavor and smooth umami, or maybe that perfectly tender, juicy steak that offers a surprise to your…