Author: Allison Edwards

I am currently an Agricultural Education and Leadership major with a focus on teacher certification. I loved all my agriculture classes in high school, and have always wanted to be a teacher, so it seems like a perfect fit. I was active in my high school FFA program and served as the Reporter my senior year. FFA has done a lot for me, and I hope to do the same for FFA by being a future adviser for FFA members. I am from a small town in Missouri called Hermann. This town is a popular destination for those who are 21 and older because we are known for our wine. We are also known for being a German town with lots of German food and festivals. Though the town gets crowded with tourists a lot, it is still my home and I love the little place.

CP editorial: The puppy problem

Puppies. Just the word brings a smile to most faces. Tiny paws, wagging tails and cute little howls. Fuzzy bundles of fur nuzzling their mamma. The last thing we want to think about is the likliehood that a furry bundle…