Author: Quentin Carlyle

I am Quentin Carlyle from East Prairie, Missouri, a small town in the bootheel with a population barely exceeding three thousand citizens. My freshman year of high school I became a member of the National FFA Association, and it has been a top priority in my life ever since. Throughout high school the FFA gave me a fondness for the agriculture industry and also taught me many useful skills. In the organization I participated in many different activities including Career Development Events such as soils, grasslands, entomology, and farm management, and Leadership Development Events such as extemporaneous public speaking, parliamentary procedure, and fall public speaking. These activities led me to my dream of becoming a Missouri FFA State Officer. This year I accomplished this goal and am currently serving as a 2018-2019 Missouri FFA Association State Vice President.

Birds on campus and in downtown Columbia not welcomed by all

University of Missouri students who pass the student center on their way to classes would have had their attention stolen from their phone or coffee on Oct. 25 by an out-of-place spectacle: a large electronic road sign that read, “BIRDS…