Author: Hannah Adkisson

My name is Hannah Adkisson and I am a freshman majoring in Agribusiness Management at the University of Missouri. While I am originally from Centralia, Missouri, I consider myself a Columbia “local” because I have always lived a mere 30 minutes away. When I was a little girl, I loved telling stories, especially ones that made people laugh. As I got older, this love of storytelling developed into a love for writing. Everything from the short stories I used to write in my fifth grade writing class, to the articles I wrote for my town’s newspaper my senior year of high school, has shaped me into the writer I am today. In my eyes, storytelling is important because it can do everything from teaching someone about a new innovation to entertaining and bringing people together. Through storytelling, I hope to be a voice for the agriculture industry and to help bridge the gap between consumers and producers.

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