Meet the editors, Fall 2013

Breanne Brammer

It’d be a rare day to find Breanne Brammer without her jam-packed planner and bedazzled Macbook Pro. Brammer is a junior science and agricultural journalism major with minors in agricultural economics and international agriculture. She stays busy with all of her leadership and organizational responsibilities but is excited to make time for the CAFNR Corner Post as a managing editor.

Brammer came to the University of Missouri from her family’s small farm in Gallatin, Mo. She left her parents, younger brother and beloved corgi Teddy to pursue her dreams as an agricultural communicator and leader. She quickly became involved in CAFNR by joining the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow, CAFNR Student Council and Collegiate Farm Bureau. She also began reporting for the CAFNR Corner Post, where she soon became known as a writing machine.

While Brammer enjoys writing, her real passion is traveling—especially when combined with her love of agriculture. Each of her international adventures has taught her something new about agriculture, whether she was reporting about ecosystems in the rainforests of Costa Rica, visiting open-air markets in Southeast Asia or helping with agricultural development work in Mozambique. She keeps the world informed of her travels by blogging at

Back in the U.S., her leadership roles and honors have greatly increased since her freshman year. She’s an officer in four organizations, a campus ambassador for Agriculture Future of America and an American Royal Scholar. She has also been a National FFA Collegiate Ambassador, Dickinson Scholar and Litton Leadership Scholar. She’s always got a goal in mind, and a plan to accomplish it, whether it be to gain new leadership experiences or attend law school after earning her bachelor’s degree.

Even with her busy schedule, this queen of time management still succeeds in making time for friends and family, baking and the occasional good book. Above all, she dreams big and lives by Eleanor Roosevelt’s words, “The future belongs to those who believes in the beauty of their dreams.”

— written by Courtney Leeper


Courtney Leeper 

Courtney Leeper is a storyteller but not the kind that involves fairytales or thrillers; instead her passion lies in the heartland with the American farmer. Leeper is a junior science and agricultural journalism major with an English minor. Her dream job is to travel across Missouri interviewing farmers and writing about their diverse lives. She’s a determined and inspiring leader within the science and agricultural journalism department.

Leeper is at home on her family farm in Trenton, Mo., where her rural roots run deep.  Senior year, Leeper served as president of the Trenton FFA chapter. Her high school involvement was centered on her passion for agriculture and writing. Attending MU was a milestone as she thought she would be a “little fish in a big pond.” After three years at MU she has discovered the big pond is not so scary.

Her collegiate writing career began as a Corner Post reporter freshman year and she is now the college farmer correspondent for Missouri Ruralist. As the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow president, Leeper leads MU students through projects like the 2013 Yamaha Chapter Award, where the organization placed second nationally. She has traveled to New Mexico and New York for the Agricultural Media Summit where she interned two summers for Cummins Consulting.  Her proudest moment in her writing career is surviving a summer of reporting for the Missourian.

When she’s not snacking on cotton candy, reading a classic novel or hanging out in the ‘ag j’ computer lab, Leeper enjoys being with her family and friends. She values faith and agriculture and is looking forward to finding her place in the industry.

— written by Breanne Brammer