About Us

As students of the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, we would like to welcome you to CAFNR Corner Post. This Web site was created for the students, by the students to keep you updated on what’s happening within and outside of the college.

— the Corner Post staff

 Meet the fall 2013 managing editors: Breanne Brammer and Courtney Leeper

Mission Statement

Goal: The staff of CAFNR Corner Post will strive to provide students with an independent source for news, events and club information.

Purpose: Volunteer reporters, photographers, designers, editors, web technicians and other contributors work diligently to establish Corner Post as a forum for College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources student life, complete with news, profiles, internship and career information, and calendar listings for CAFNR entities.

Audience: Corner Post’s reach includes but is not limited to CAFNR students, faculty, alumni and those with an interest in CAFNR functions.

What is a corner post?

A corner post is the most important part of a fence. It is the strongest point in the fence because it has to support two sides, and it endures the most strain from the weight of the fence. It is usually stabilized within the ground with cement or other heavy structure. Typically it forms the point of the corner in a square fence.

Like a corner post, this Web site is a strong point for CAFNR, providing news and addressing issues students may face.

The Corner Post founders include:

Ginger Berry, Andrell Bower, Sara Brown, Casey Buckman, Andrea Flynn, Holly Henderson, Scott Hopke, Christy Makings, James McNary, Casie Presley and Lorin Price. Instructor: Marilyn Cummins.