Scroggs is a champion for CAFNR, helping connect new students to MU

A typical day for Julie Scroggs, director of Student Recruitment for the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources, starts with a cup of coffee and a black, spiral-bound planner. Within its covers is where she keeps track of her meetings, tasks and travels.

She wiped the condensation from her iced coffee as she got her planner out. It was already full for the week. The recruitment season is in full swing, and she has begun traveling.

Scroggs had just returned from a visit to Liberty High School, meeting with prospective students about what CAFNR has to offer. She isn’t new to the benefits of being a University of Missouri student.

Scroggs’ mother worked for the university for years, and her family is from Columbia. So after Scroggs received her undergraduate degree at MU, she wanted to help create a home for new students. Even as an undergrad, she loved working with others and spent one summer as an MU summer welcome leader.

At the time, Scroggs thought she would work in public relations for a non-profit after graduating. But as she continued her education with a master’s degree in higher education from the University of Kansas, she realized a different path was more appealing. She became an adviser at the University of Nebraska and found she loved the student relationship side of her job.

“But I realized I kind of wanted something different,” she said. “I wanted to use my strengths in a different way.”

Now she leads and directs student recruitment in CAFNR, which is why her planner fills up this time of year. Whether it be with planning events, traveling to schools all over the state, or meeting with students and staff, Scroggs is in the middle of all the action.

According to Allie Lock, CAFNR student ambassador, Scroggs is passionate about what she does and it really shows through.

“She’s always thinking of the best way to recruit students and wants them to have a genuine connection to Mizzou,” said Lock, who has known Scroggs since before she was a senior in high school.

Through her busy schedule and long days, Scroggs said she wouldn’t want to work anywhere else. CAFNR has become her home.

“There’s a different feeling in CAFNR,” she said. “It’s easy to recruit for.”

Scroggs said the college is student-focused. It’s one of the things that makes working for CAFNR more meaningful.

According to Lock, Scroggs wants what is best for the students.

“She strives to ensure students make the best possible choice for themselves.”

Scroggs said she believes in the importance of finding a place that supports you. Like her family in CAFNR.

“It’s nice to work with people that care about you,” she said.

And that feeling is mutual, said Bryan Garton, senior associate dean of CAFNR and director of academic programs. Since the summer of 2016, Garton said, Scroggs has become a valued member of the department.

Garton said Scroggs has a talent for thinking as a potential student would.

“She’s vibrant in the fact that she has new ideas,” Garton said. ”She’s instilled in us a fire.”