CAFNR volleyball tournament was a ‘ball’

On Monday, Sept. 30, the College of Agricultural Food and Natural Resources held its annual Mud Volleyball Tournament. The University of Missouri South Research Farm hosted the event with 22 teams from 18 different clubs competing. It was the most highly attended activity of CAFNR week.

For some, this was their first CAFNR Mud Volleyball Tournament, while for others it was their last. 

“As soon as I walked up, I could feel the fun in the atmosphere,” said Jessica Grathwohl, CAFNR freshman. “Everyone was hanging out and having a good time, enjoying and making the most out of CAFNR Week. I had a lot of good laughs watching people fall in the mud, and it was an overall enjoyable experience. I would definitely go again.”

While it was the first CAFNR Mud Volleyball Tournament for Grathwohl, it was the last for CAFNR senior Lily Grant. She said while she enjoyed the festivities, it was bittersweet.

“For the last four CAFNR Weeks, Mud Volleyball has been my favorite activity,” Grant said. “It is a great way to have fun, eat food, and hang out with people from all over CAFNR.”

In addition, Grant said mud volleyball brings all the CAFNR clubs and organizations together.

“My favorite part about mud volleyball is just having a good time with the clubs I am in as well as with other CAFNR organizations,” she said. “The competition is fun but at the end of the day we’re all in it to celebrate CAFNR.”

 CAFNR Week co-chair, Sydnee Mason, said a lot goes into the making of the tournament.

“Mud Volleyball was my favorite activity to plan,” Mason said. “It was sponsored by the Torq’N Tigers, the Ag Systems Management Club, the Pre-vet Club and the Independent Aggies.”

It was a real team effort, according to Mason.

“The Torq’N Tigers prepared the track and worked really hard on it, while ASM club representative, Jordan Sayre, put together the tournament bracket,” she said. “Pre-vet Club also sponsored the volleyballs, and the Independent Aggies grilled.”