CAFNR students share concept of flowers as art at annual visual design showcase

Sabrina Morris beamed with pride when explaining her piece of artwork to those attending the Visual Art and Design Showcase on Feb. 12, 2019. While showcasing her piece of artwork, “Blooming Trash,” Morris was able to expose others to the floral industry.

The connection to the floral industry continued with Kailey Brooks’ project. Her piece exposed participants to the floral industry by allowing them to not only see, but feel, the soothing effects of flowers. Brooks created a walk through art piece that included sights, sounds and smells that enveloped anyone who decided to participate. 

The Visual Art and Design Showcase is an event held every year that allows undergraduate students to create and explain their artwork. As an art based event, many participants are enrolled in the MU College of Arts and Science. Morris and Brooks, the two College of Agriculture Food and Natural Resources (CAFNR) students involved in the showcase, were pushed far outside of their comfort zones to compete.

“Not a lot of people had the ability to experience flowers on a regular basis,” Morris said. “I had a lot of people come up to me while I was setting up in Jesse and say, ‘you bringing this in here is amazing!’”  Her piece of artwork was designed to bring attention to the amount of waste in the floral industry. The meaning behind this piece drew a large amount of positive feedback. Morris even went on to win the people’s choice award.

The Visual Art and Design Showcase allows students to compete for four scholarships each year. Students who win the grand prize in artistic expression and applied design receive a $2,000 scholarship. Students placing runner-up in those categories receive a $1,000 scholarship.

By participating in this event, Morris and Brooks represented CAFNR and explained how flowers are a part of agriculture. They were also able to explain to the judges how the hands-on floral classes prepare students for the real world. 

“This event helps students expand their network,” said Lesleighan Cravens, advisor of the Student Chapter of American Floral Designers. Cravens encouraged both CAFNR students, Morris and Brooks, to participate in the Visual Art and Design showcase.

The event exhibited a variety of artwork. From handmade dresses to echo houses, each student was able to express his or her passion in a form of art —including flowers.