New Music Ensemble brings student composers’ works to life

The future of symphonic music is being composed every day in the University of Missouri Music Composition Department.

On Sunday, Dec. 2, the New Music Ensemble performed at Whitmore Recital Hall on Mizzou’s campus. The event was co-sponsored by the Missouri Association of Schools and Departments of Music and the Mizzou New Music Initiative.  Two of the composers were selected for their original works during the first-ever Collegiate Composition Competition.

This competition is one more way MU is implementing the Missouri Method, which emphasizes giving students the chance to apply their skills. Performances such as these allow composers to hear their work played and showcase the instrumental talents of other School of Music students.

“It is exciting to see symphonic works being composed here on campus just like a painter creates a beautiful painting or a dancer choreographs a routine,” said Elizabeth Weider, MU senior,

The new music composed was contemporary and invigorating, and the Ensemble breathed life into the works. The creative passion and dedication to their talents evoked changing emotions throughout the performance. Mizzou students Daniel Vega, Ben Dawson, and Holden Franklin composed three of the works performed. A senior at Truman State University created another piece.

The New Music Ensemble has seven members and brings to life the work of these student composers. The Ensemble includes Hannah Hutchins, percussion; Ann Mozina, flutes; Pedro Ramiro, violin; Elisabeth Roberts, piano; Brianna Trainor, percussion; Cameron Tubbs, cello; and Austin Wright, clarinet. Accompanying the group at their Sunday performance were Kassandra Ormsby and Morgan Owen, playing cello and viola, respectively.

The performance left many in attendance wanting more.

“I was sad when the last song played,” said MU student Jonah Witcig.                                                                                                               

If you missed them this week, don’t worry! The Ensemble plays four times a year on campus. You can check out details by checking Mizzou Events, as more information will be released for the upcoming spring semester performances. Change up your normal routine and don’t miss your chance to enjoy original student works here on campus!

Abigail Hoer

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