CP editorial: Girl, put down your phone and pick up a book

As the leaves begin to change, it is a time for cozying up next to the fire with a book in one hand and pumpkin spice latte in the other. However, most of us don’t  sit by the fire to read. In fact, many of us scoff at the very thought. No, we grab that book for the sole purpose of posting a cute picture.  Reading for pleasure has become a thing of the past.

The truth is, for many college students it feels like we just don’t have the time. Balancing our classes, jobs, extra-curricular activities and of course our  social media accounts seems to be an impossible feat. However, what if I told you that reading for pleasure will help you achieve  these goals.

The benefits of reading in your spare time are exponential. Sue Wilkison, CEO of The Reading Agency,  described some of these benefits.

“It’s proven that reading for pleasure is a more powerful factor in life achievement than socio-economic background,” Wilkson said. “That it can result in higher levels of self-esteem and improve social interaction.”

An article posted by the Kumon Math and Reading Program described the numerous benefits of reading. By immersing ourselves into the vivid imaginations and dynamic plots of the authors, we can dramatically reduce our stress, sleep better and become more empathetic towards others. 

We can’t just wait for the movie to come out. Picking up the book allows us to invest in ourselves. By reading, we strengthen our minds and broaden our imaginations. It allows us to equip ourselves with the ability to better handle our lives as we enter  the workforce. Reading helps us to become the best versions of ourselves that we can be.

Our generation has capitalized on the idea that “perception is everything.” Therefore, we have become engrossed in documenting our lives for the whole world to see. It seems that millennials and generation “Zers” are often more concerned with how many likes the picture from beside the fire will get than focusing on what’s before them. Perception is everything, but that doesn’t mean that we should forget about reality. The latest American Time Use survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that only 19 percent of Americans ages 15 and up read for pleasure on a regular basis.  We need to take the time to set aside our phones and  experience life through our eyes rather than those of a camera lens.