Annual farm forum provides venue for discussing views on hot topics

MU Collegiate Farm Forum takes place in the late fall of every year, and brings together a panel of individuals from many sectors of the agriculturel industry to discuss prominent topics. The 2018 Farm Forum, with a theme of ‘Peeling Back the Label,’ focused on topics such as food labeling, GMOs, fake meat and nut ‘juices.’

“I think the forum provided a nicely balanced perspective about not only the issue of cultured meat, but food labeling and consumer education more generally, and the need for those with interests in agriculture to fairly and accurately address such issues,” said Michael Sykuta, agricultural economics professor at the University of Missouri and panelist at the forum.

The panel experts, whether from the University or industry, allowed audience members to hear from all sides of the issue.

“It was so rewarding to work with the individuals on the Farm Forum steering committee to pull together such an educational event about the future of the agricultural industry,” said Hannah Strain, Collegiate Farm Bureau member and member of the Farm Forum steering committee.

Overall, the Farm Forum was not only for Collegiate Farm Bureau members, but for the industry as a whole, due to the educational purpose that it serves. Through working together as a unified industry, working to combat misconceptions in the agriculture industry can be good for all involved.

“I hope [the audience] gained an appreciation for the complexity of the issues [in agriculture] and how we need to think about such issues in a broader context,” Sykuta said.